Glass-Art In Memoriam Heritage Album Evy Cohen
GlassArt - Sculpture - Fatal Journeys voiles - Evy Cohen
GlassArt Sculpture Le Bois diptyque Evy Cohen
Photography - Recalled Objects 3 - Evy Cohen
Photography - Abstract - Fragments 2 - Evy Cohen
Photography - To Life! Imaginal - Evy Cohen

A dialogue of light between photography and glass.
I capture fragments of life, timeless snapshots, a detail in nature which, once isolated, lose their reality. I interrogate the perception we have of matter and existence which surround us. For me glass is an enhancer of emotions, a sensuous material inviting touch, a space of liberty for the images.
These take a new dimension, the light attracting the eye into the depth of the piece, leading it in an interval of reverie.